8/15/2017 : Load Design ver0. Released.
Fixed a bug which the calculation result values become NaN.
Fixed some bugs.

4/14/2015 : Load Design ver0. Released.
Some Bug fixed.

6/3/2013 : Load Design ver0. Released.
Some Bug fixed.

10/5/2011 : Load Design ver0.8.1.5 Released.
Re-written Stiffness Equation Calculation code. Calculation became faster a lot.
Fixed bug about 'Model Edit Window' window size on ver

08/10/2011 : Load Design ver0. Released.
'Model Edit Window' modified. ( It will be displayed correctly on Mac OS X Lion. )
Mistakes on 'Users Manual' fixed.

08/25/2010 : Load Design ver0. Released.
OpenGL Version can be selected to draw Graphic View. ( OpenGL Version 1.1 or 1.4 )
( Ver requires OpenGL 1.4. )
Some Bug fixed.

08/11/2010 : Load Design ver0.8.1.4 Released.
Performance on Graphic View improved. Performance of selecting card on Graphic View with Rubberband Rectangle (Selecting Rectangle) improved.
Some Bug fixed. ( Bugs on "Undo" and Graphic View. )

03/16/2010 : Load Design ver0.8.1.3 Released.
Performance Improvements on drawing on Graphic View ( Multithreading, etc. )
Bug fixed, etc.

09/04/2009 : Load Design ver0.8.1.2 Released.
Bug fixed that Graphic View will not be displayed on Mac OS X 10.6 ( Snow Leopard ).
Bug fixed that might affect Result Data. ( Around Restraint )
Bug fixed that might crash while FEM calculation.

07/08/2009 : Load Design ver0.8.1.1 Released.
Bug on ver0.8.1 fixed.

07/07/2009 : Load Design ver0.8.1 Released.
Performance on editimg model improved a lot. ( Several dozen times faster in some cases. )
Renderring performance on Graphic View improved some. ( 1.0 ~ 2.0 times faster. )
Bug fixed which model file after Error Card ( after character '¡' ) is not read when model file is opened which is saved while Error Card exist.
Bug fixed, etc.

05/20/2009 : Load Design ver0.8.0.3 Released.
04/26/2009 : Load Design ver0.8.0.2 Released. ( Japanese Language )
03/18/2009 : Load Design ver0.8.0.1 Released. ( Japanese Language )
02/20/2009 : Load Design ver0.8 Released. ( Japanese Language )