This software is still Under Development. It is NOT tested enough. NO WARRANTY.
Finite Element Analysis Software for Mac OS X
Pre/Post-processor & Solver software
Analysis Type : Finite Element Method (FEM, FEA), Displacement Method, Linear-Static Analysis
Element Type : Rod (Axial-Force Element), Quad (Quadrangle Shell Element (experimental)), Hexa (Hexahedral Solid Element)
Planning to add Bar, Tria (Triangle Shell Element), Tetra (Tetrahedron Solid Element) in the future.
Restraint : Simple-Restraint, Enforced-Displacement, Restraint by DOF Equation
Force : Force on Nodes
Number of Analysis Cases : Several Cases
You can set different Restraint-condition and Force-condition to each cases.
Model File Type : Plain Text File
Values : Node Displacement, Element Strain ( εx, εy, εz, εxy, εyz, εzx ), Element Stress ( Von Mises Stress, ( σx, σy, σz, σxy, σyz, σzx ) ), Axial Force ( Rod Element ), Others
Displaying Analysis-Model : By Text & By Graphic
Displaying Analysis-Result : Values of each-element by table & By Graphic (with displacemet, with color)
Undo : "Undo" for Model Data Editing of any times, and "Redo"
Multi-Document & Multi-Window-for-a-Document
You can edit/run several-document on same time.
You can open and edit with several windows for one document.
Maxmum Node Count / Maximum Elelemt Count : Limited by response time for operations in Graphic View, etc.
Ref - Maxmun Node Count / Element Count : About 20000 ( 'Hexa' elements ) / ( Maxmun 'Quad' Count : About 5000 )
Planning (trying) to improve performance for maxinum node count/maxinum element count 60000(~100000) in the future.
No Auto-Mesh-Generater function. No Reading-CAD-File function.
Several functions are not implemented.
Function Not Implemented :
  • Context Menu ( Menu shown by Right Mouse Button )
  • Printing
  • Saving Graphic-View Setting
  • Some buttons, etc. don't work.
  • etc.